The Loot to Boot Sale is Now Over!

Many Awesome Deals still Remain!
All Items Delivered Immediately!


What was the Deal?

  • Spend $25 or more and receive 2 Pulls from our Loot Pool!
  • Spend $50 or more and receive 4 Pulls from our Loot Pool!
  • Spend $75 or more and receive 6 Pulls from our Loot Pool!
  • Spend $100 or more and receive 8 Pulls from our Loot Pool!
  • This is PER ORDER – $100 MAX – Place Separate Orders for more Pulls!


What was in the Loot Pool?

  • 65 NEW AlterVerse Enjelic items backed by 300 ENJ each! – Details Here
  • Over 2000 Multiverse items backed by over 39,000 ENJ! – Details Here
  • All Multiverse items backed by 10 ENJ or more Each!
  • Multiverse items are usable in a multitude of Enjin MV games!

Introducing Discounted Bundles!

We have bundled a limited number of discounted Emotes, Uniforms and other items with Alliance and Server Owners in mind!
When the Bundles are gone they’re gone!


Top Contributor Prizes:

1. The Top Contributor during this sale will receive an Enjelic Apollo Uniform AND get his or her face on the Sky City Coin along with a story about their great generosity!

You will become a part of AlterVerse history forever!

2. One lucky person in a random drawing of the Top 10 Contributors will be named the Mayor of Sky City I and will receive a Condo for 1 year after Sky City goes live!

3. Another lucky person from a random drawing of ALL Contributors will win a Penthouse Condo on Sky City I for 1 year after it goes live!


Check the Leaderboard Here!!!


Pick up a discounted bundle of uniforms to outfit your entire Alliance! Reward new Alliance Members and create Roles for your crew!


Pictured below is the Jupiter Design with several possible color combinations. This is for demonstration only, we cannot imagine all the creative ideas you may dream up!


We are now shooting for mid November for Pre-Alpha Launch!


 We have been working steadily for the past several years to create a whole new gaming experience and are super stoked to share it with all of you!


Join our Pre-Alpha closed testing. You MUST own an Elite Lifetime Citizenship or a Server. Then register here:


By pre-ordering items, you have been a huge support, allowing us to add to our team so we can complete the project faster and with more enhanced features.

We thank you for your patience and excitement!


Use of Funds:

25% will go to pay some of our team and cover expenses. The rest will go toward Marketing the game for release on Steam!


Prepare Yourself for Arrival in the AlterVerse!

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